Beginner Friendly Guide to Heel Types


So, why you should try heels?

Tired of wearing those flat shoes? It’s time to make new choices and modernize yourself. But wait! Are you afraid of wearing heels that you may not be able to carry or they’ll not give you a comfortable stand?

You desperately want to try those stilettos or pumps you’ve recently seen in the shopping aisle but you feel they aren’t for you. So, at the end of the day you feel that you were looking average on some special occasion, but not stunning. Next time, before taking any decision while shopping you should know that the world of fashion has covered different types of heels. Keep reading and get to know which heel types suit you.

High Heels


Having a classy look, especially on a dressy occasion is a dream of every lady but without wearing high heels, it’s most likely unattainable. Usually, you find high heels in stilettos, pumps, and sandals. This heel tends to have at least four inches high or more, so it is slightly challenging to balance.  

Cone heels


Having versatile properties, this cone heel is considered a timeless piece of art which remain famous since its origin. This type of heel is having a sturdy base which built to last and narrows into a delicate tip. The wider base helps you to walk confidently and the smaller tip at the end gives it a subtle look.

Comma Heels


The bow-shaped comma heel is specially designed to make a statement, which is quite eye-catching. This type of heel comes in different forms, either spreading inward or outward that looks classy. The height of this heel varies from low to ground to very high which makes it suitable for any occasion.

Block Heels


No doubt, one looks super-stylish in high heels but balancing yourself on slim heels or stilettos is not an easy task. So, block heels would be a perfect choice that doesn’t just look stylish but also properly distribute your body’s weight. You won’t feel pressure on the ball of your foot and gives you a comfortable stand for long periods.

Flare Heels

Photograph: Citylea

If you want to try out something different then flare heels would be the first-picked item. This dramatic heel is designed in a way that reminds you of the 70s era, from where this flare heel has got its popularity. It tends to have a slimmer base which flares out with a wider measurement at the bottom of the sole.

Kitten Heels


Kitten heels are specially designed in an inch or two which results in providing you a comfortable walk. This type of heel is a great option for those who are afraid of walking on high heels or having a taller height as they tend to be low to the ground. You can perfectly rock your style and have a confident and comfortable stand all day long.

 Cuban Heels

Photograph: Unknown

If you want to get some flair in your shoes to have a confident walk and feel comfy. Then, you need to go for Cuban heel as it’s trimmed in a cube shape which is quite thicker and gives you a better foundation. The height of the heel is almost half-inch and you can find it in booties, loafers, Oxfords, or other closed shoes.  

Decorative Heels


Whoever doesn’t like a dazzling appearance on resplendent events which would turn the heads? So, along with your dreamy outfit, you can make a statement with decorative heels. This type of heel contains floral element design or crystal embellishment which looks dazzling and gives you an exquisitely different buzz.

Clear Heels


Clear heels are having the properties of giving your legs a slim and sleek look. As they are transparent in color which can extenuate your legs and give the illusion of long legs than they are, that attracts the attention of others.

Medium Heels


If you don’t (adore or fancy) very high heel or platform heel then you can opt for the medium heel as it’s super-stylish and easy carrying. Usually, this type of heel comes in between three to four inches high, so it tends to put less strain on your foot which makes it ideal for every occasion; 9 to 5 or a night out with your friends.

French Heels


French heel is also known as pompadour heel is originated in the era of King Louis XIV and is considered a symbol of nobility. You can have a significant look with this type of heel and make a statement. Usually, it’s wider from the base and the curve in the middle makes it look like a spool heel. It tends to be shorter which is easy to carry.

Chunky heels


Want to have a spring in your foot? Then, try out something which is not only appealing but also extensively rich in comfort. Well, you wouldn’t find anything better in the shoe aisle than chunky heels. Yes! Ladies, that’s true, these heels are designed in a capacious way which not only looks fancy but provides you comfort at the same time. You can easily carry chunky heels all day long and look chic in every attire you’re wearing.

Slim heels


Want to look extra chic on your night out on the town? Then, along with a dazzling outfit, you can opt for the slim heel which would glamorize your overall look. Just like stilettos; the slim, long heel adds symmetrical length to your legs. Usually, it comes in four to eight inches high and the pointy body of the heel makes it a bit challenging to balance.

Spool Heel


Spool heel is the variation of the chunky heel which is having a slight hourglass curve that looks quite appealing. This dramatic heel reminds you of the Baroque and Rocco period when it is being originated and got famous since then. It tends to have a slight curve that expands outward thus the thicker bottom of the heel tip allows you to have a stable walk.

Wedge Heels


Want to have a comfy and easier walk for hours, then tuck your feet in wedge heels. As it is shaped in a watermelon wedge which is super-stylish, which provides you more coverage and stability as compared to other heels. It is light in weight and comes in different shoe styles such as ankle straps, peep toe, or tennis shoes.

Extreme Heels

Photograph: @veryhighheels

Do you want to impress someone? Try out very high heels this time along with your nice outfit as it will complement your overall look. With this tall heel, you would feel as if touching the sky. A platform is added to the base of the shoe which prevents your foot from aching or making you uncomfortable.

Stacked heels


If you want to have a spring in your foot then you should choose something dramatic such as a stacked heel. It is styled artistically and you feel that it is quite different than the traditional heel. The staked wood on top of each other looks intricate and more likely it tends to be in platform or block heel.

Dance heels


Dancing heels are a type of high-heeled shoe specifically designed for dancing. They are typically made with a sturdy and supportive heel that allows dancers to maintain balance and execute dance steps with ease.


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