Beginner Friendly Guide to High Heel Shoe Types


Are you fond of wearing high heels but wary of using the same shoe style every time? You feel that there are few items and you’ve to choose between. But have you explored the shoe aisle minutely while shopping? The world of fashion has covered various styles of high heels which complement your taste. Whether there are thin-heeled ankle boots or chunky pumps you can find them all elegant and delicately styled. Why not fill your shoe cabinet with fancy high-heeled shoes and look chic every time? Continue reading this article and discover more about high heel shoe types.

The Classic Pump


Pumps are considered a classic piece of art that never gets old. There are various designs available out there that are eye-catching. You can opt for this type of timeless article that’s perfect for your night out in the town or weekly from 9 to 5.  You can pair your pumps with a cocktail dress or with a pair of jeans.

Ankle Booties


Want full coverage of your feet? Then tuck them in ankle booties as they are super-stylish and comfy. You can use them easily in cross-season without feeling uncomfortable. Usually, you find them in the block, stilettoes, or Cuban heels. They’re light-weighted and easy to carry, especially with a chunky medium heel.

Platform Heels


If you want to wear something that complements your height and gives you a nice look at the same time. Then try out platform heels as they’re featured with long heels and a plateau in the front sole adds more height. The arch of the shoe is so comfortable which don’t give pain to the ball of your foot.



Going out in a rush? Then instead of adjusting your feet or buckling your shoes. Choose mules in which you can slip in and out your feet quite easily. Mules were first introduced in the 90s. Usually, they’re closed from the front and open from the back and comes in kitten heels or stilettoes.

Wedge Heels

Photograph: @thewedgediaries

If you feel that any type of high heel would make you uncomfortable then choosing wedge heels would be the best option. You can have the most comfortable walk as they give you uniform support to your feet. Wedge soles are stacked in a perfect way that looks fashionable and distributes your weight evenly.

Knee-High Boots


These knee-high boots come in high heels and give you a dramatic look. You would not only feel cozy in the winter but also look fashionable at the same time. Along with any stylish outfit, you can complement your overall look appropriately. They tend to be in smaller heels or high heels.



Taking inspiration from men’s footwear these oxfords are designed traditionally. The sturdy Cuban heel offers great comfort and height to the shoe and you feel spring while walking. Either you’re getting ready for a casual gathering or you need smart dressing for meeting oxfords that will complement your taste.



High heels never look much fancier than in stilettos. These high heel types are designed in a way that compliments your overall look and gives you a dramatic effect. You would get noticed while wearing stilettos. Usually, it comes in the extra slim heel with 3 to 4 inches and it’s a bit challenging to balance.

Wedge Sandals


If you want to get some extra height but slim heels are not your friend. Then go for wedge sandals as they are super-comfortable and keep your foot aligned and you wouldn’t feel tiresome although you walk for long period. There are only two straps that secure your foot and are ideal for summer.

T-strap Heels


Want to have a fun look with strappy heels? Then, consider trying T-strap heels which are super-stylish and fancy looking. It tends to have two straps; one strap is around your ankle whereas the other runs in the middle and connects the toe box thus creating a T shape. This style comes in many variations such as in patent leather or studded.

Peep Toe Heels


As the name reveals peep-toe shoes have a peephole in the front which makes them quite stylish and different. Usually, some peep toe shoes are petite while some have a much larger opening and you can choose between them. They can be paired with slingbacks or with booties to have a classic look.

Cutout Heels


Modernize your look through the cutout heels as they are featured with a design through which your feet look just awesome. No matter, if you’re wearing a simple outfit this cutout heel, will fashionably accessorize you. Having creative patterns, you can find them in various types of heels and you choose which suits you.

Sling-back Heels


To create extra style in your shoes, you should opt for sling-back heels. They will look dramatic, as the thin strap on the bridge of your feet elongates your legs and make them look slim. You can find them in closed shoes or open toes with various types of heels and you look chic every time.

Lace-up heels

Photograph: @shoelimitless

With these lace-up heels, you would feel your foot in place but also make you look quite classy. These different types of heels are also called the Roman gladiator sandal or the classic ballerina which would give you an edgier vibe. You can find them in various types of heels and they’re perfect for a night out.

Ankle Straps


Wearing high heels is quite a challenging task and difficult to carry but if you fasten them with a strap then you can get stability while walking. In this regard, ankle straps are considered the perfect ones which not only secure your feet but also look pretty. They tend to come in various types of heels and you can choose between them.



Espadrilles look like wedge shoes which are becoming famous these days. The heels are made up of fiber and have a woven sole which makes them quite light-weighted. While the upper part is made up of canvas or leather which is super comfortable. Espadrilles are great for 9 to 5 or night out in the town, you can walk all day long.

Nude Heels


Want to wear something on your feet that compliment every dress you’re wearing? Then, slip into nude heels which come in many shades and lots of styles that suit your taste, such as kitten heels or pumps. Nude heels come in darker and lighter shades from your skin tone which elongates your legs and gives the allusion of being barefoot.

Cover photo by Anastasia Shuraeva from Pexels


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