Everything You Need to Know About Chunky Heels


Want to have a spring in your foot? Then, try out something which is not only appealing but also extensively rich in comfort. Well, you wouldn’t find anything better in the shoe aisle than chunky heels. Yes! Ladies, that’s true, these heels are designed in a capacious way which not only looks fancy but provides you comfort at the same time. You can easily carry chunky heels all day long and look chic in every attire you’re wearing.

There are various styles and flairs in chunky heels which are suitable for every occasion. Before taking any decision and buy an inappropriate heel which later on would hurt your feet either or the chances are that you would throw them all away. Let’s have a keen look at chunky heels and how you can style them with different outfits.

What are chunky high heels?

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Amongst all other heels, chunky heels are gaining a lot of popularity in this season. Chunky heels are structured like square block heels and the strong base can correctly improve your walkability.

Let’s have a look in detail at what chunky heels are:

  • The shape of the heel:

The shape of the chunky heel is like a cube which is quite sturdy from the base. Therefore, your weight distributes appropriately and you wouldn’t feel cramps in your legs or any pain in your feet.

  • Height of the heel:

The height of the chunky heel is usually from short to medium. However, you may find them in high heels as well. No matter the height increases, the wider tip provides you more stability.

  • Types of shoes:

The chunky heel looks stylish with different types of shoes such as; ankle booties, mules, pumps, knee-high boots, or sandals. With different sizes of heels, you can choose in between which suits you.

  • Balance your weight:

The chunky heel is the best choice if you are afraid of wearing slim heels or you have any balance issues. The block-shaped heel works perfectly in your 9 to 5 routine or a night out in the town.

  • Perfect for every occasion:

We all want to fill our shoe cabinet with various types of shoes that are fit for different occasions. However, with chunky heels, you can have a delicate look, formal look, or the basic look in a more perfect manner.

Types of chunky high heels

1. Chunky heel thigh high boots

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Do you want to have a complementary look every time you go outside? Then, try thigh-high boots which not only look resplendent but also accentuate your legs in a slim and sleeker way. Pairing these boots with chunky heels will enhance their beauty and either you wear miniskirts, an A-line shirt, or jeans, you look updated around the year. You look elegant in 9 to 5 or a night out event.

2. Chunky heel knee high boots

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Are you fond of boots but wary of repeating the same style? Go for knee-high boots this time which are in various styles and lots of materials. If you buy them in chunky heels then you not only have an accentuated length to your legs but also easy to carry even though you walk for long period. Try it out with a knitted dress or with long coats and have an appealing look.

3. Chunky high heels

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When it comes to heels, then there is no better than chunky heels which offer you to have the balance in every size in the most perfect manner. The chunky heel tends to have a wider base that is usually square and you have more stability while walking. You can find chunky high heels in platforms, peep-toe shoes, or strappy sandals which look elegant in every event.

4. Chunky high heel boots

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Boots are always in trend which is never getting out of style especially the chunky high heel boots. The thick and sturdy heel gives volume to your height and you can have a confident walk. Instead of wearing flat shoes and have a basic look, you can give yourself a cool edge by wearing these shoes. They tend to be in platforms or pumps and carrying them all day long is not difficult.

5. Platform chunky heels

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Carrying a platform with a slim heel is not less than a challenge. You may feel pain in your feet or your legs get shaky if you stand for a long period. However, pairing the platform with a chunky heel will allow you to have a confident walk and comfortable stand for a longer period. Different sizes in chunky heels will let you choose which suits you and walk on the platform most comfortably.

6. Lace-up chunky heels

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Want to create a dramatic and alluring look? So, along with your fancy dress try to lace up chunky heels. These are super-comfortable and stylish that no matter what you are wearing you can have a classic look. The lace-up style will let you keep your foot in place and look chic around your ankle. Lace-up chunky heels are easy to carry and are perfect for a night out in the town.

How to walk in chunky high heels

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Any special event is coming up? You want to rock the party right! So, what about wearing a long gown this time? As they are exquisite but they’re considered incomplete without high heels. But wait, carrying high heels is not easy for every lady. The slim, long heel will not only put pressure on your feet but also the chances are that you may get an ankle sprain.

But worry not! You can walk quite easily in chunky high heels as these are designed in a way that distributes your weight easily. But if you are a newbie in wearing high heels then follow these steps.

  • Step one:

Try to take smaller steps as a child does and you will notice a little bit of improvement in your walk.

  • Step two:

The next step is to put your heel first on the ground and then your toes in a smooth way. Then push forward to take another step.

  • Step three:

Improving your posture while wearing high heels is another way of walking easily. Instead of bending and looking downward try to look straight and then walk.

  • Step four:

Practice wearing chunky high heels around your house so that you get used to them.

  • Step five:

If possible, try to wear them outdoors as it will help you to take good care of yourself even on uneven surfaces.

  • Step six:

Wear strappy shoes in heels as they will secure your feet and keep them in place. These will also prevent you from slipping.

When to wear chunky heel

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We all want to look stylish, but compromising the comfort level is not an easy thing to do. Whether it is the night out in the town or any professional meeting you want to look gorgeous but who wants to bear the pain in the foot or your legs at the end of the day. So, instead of choosing any wrong type of heel why not wear chunky heels but you should know that when to wear them.

You may find chunky heels in shoes, strappy sandals, or pumps and there are various sizes of heels available in the market. You can choose which suits you, for example; if you need to buy them for daily purposes, go for low-sized chunky heels as they will be quite easy to carry. And if you are going on any dressy occasion then you can opt for high heel chunky heels as they will make you look chic. Either you pair it with denim jeans with a cute top or with a mini skirt or the long one, you look elegant every time.

If you want to purchase something for casual use, you can buy low to medium chunky heels as you will not feel tired no matter if you are on foot for hours, for example; shopping or with friends, etc. 


We hope you might have got a clear idea of chunky high heels and how you can carry them anywhere quite easily. With various styles and designs, you can look elegant every time. You can also pair chunky high heels with different kinds of outfits and the shoe styles in these heels are also quite classy.

Frequently asked questions

Are chunky heels easier to walk in?

Yes, Chunky heels are super-comfortable, stylish, and easier to walk in. You shouldn’t deprive yourself of not wearing high heels at all as these types of heels have filled this part in a more precise manner.

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