Everything You Need to Know About Cone Heels


Want to modernize yourself perfectly no matter which costume you are carrying. Then, try out wearing something different on your feet so that you walk confidently and turn the heads as soon as you enter a room. But what if you’re tired of wearing stilettos or block heels every time. Worry not! There are trendy styles in heels available in the shoe aisle, such as cone heels. Surprised to listen to this? Yes, that’s true cone heels give you a trendy look.

There are lots of shoes that come in cone heels that are quite fancy and stylish, such as sling-backs, pumps, peep-toe-shoes, sandals, etc. With various sizes, you can opt for one for every occasion. Let’s have a deeper look into it.

What are cone heels?

Photograph: @cj_comfortshoes

As the name reveals that cones heels are shaped like cone ice cream so it would be quite fun wearing this different style. It is structured in a wide shape from the sole which narrows down to the tip f the heel. Thus, it becomes like a cone-shaped heel which gives you a tremendous look. You might have seen block-shaped heels or stilettos in the market but the shoe designers have tried out something classic and introduced intricately structured cone heels. Let’s look in a precise way what cone heels are:

  • The shape of the heel

Various shapes come in cone heel shoes such as round in shape which is wide from the top and narrows down at the bottom of the tip. You can find them in a triangular shape as well.

  • Height of the heel

Usually, the height of the cone heel is 3 inches but you can find it in 4 inches or more as well. You can wear them on different occasions and you would also feel quite comfortable as well.

  • Types of shoes

You can find cone heels in different types of shoes such as; pumps, sling-backs, peep-toe shoes, and sandals, etc. You can opt for one which suits you on any occasion and have a confident walk.

  • Stable yourself

Unlike stilettos or slim heels where you can’t balance your weight, you can easily balance yourself in cone heels. As they are beautifully structured which properly distribute your weight.

  • Ideal for different occasions:

Having various types of styles in shoes and different sizes you can wear them on most occasions and look classy. Either it is a night out party or your 9 to 5 job etc.

Types of cone heels

Curious about the cone high heels that what exactly they are? Then, have a look in a detailed way at some of the tops of them in 2021.

1. Cone heel pumps

Photograph: Unknown

You may love the twist from the ordinary pumps as the cone heel pumps give you a trendy look. Usually, you find them in short to medium in height and the round pointed tip gives you a tremendous look. You may find cone heels in a triangular shape as well which gives a classic look. You can wear them on any occasion whether it is a date you are having or you go to the office.

2. Cone heel sandals

Photograph: fsjshoes.com

Sandals are never getting out of style especially in the summer but why not give it a bit twist? Instead of wearing typical plain sandals or slim heels that may make you uncomfortable, you should try cone heels sandals which look classic and nice. The cone style will look great and especially in the sandals you can have a delicate look.

3. Cone heel court shoes

Photograph: office.co.uk

Want to have a formal look that not only gives you a classic look but is also easy to carry for a longer period? Then, try out cone heel court shoes which not only give you a formal look but also provide you a comfortable walk. You can find them mostly in sling-back or pumps are the height of the heel is 5.5 cm which is ideal for daily usage.

4. Cone heel ankle boots

Photograph: dhgate.com

Ankle boots are never getting out of style throughout the year. You would have a dramatic look but if a slim heel is a bit difficult to carry. Then, try cone heel ankle boots which are quite stylish and don’t give pain to the ball of your feet. You can find them out in medium heel height which is around 5 cm. You can wear jeans or an A-line shirt and have a dramatic look.

5. Cone heel slouch boots

Photograph: asos.com

Winter is ahead then why not get something cozy for your footwear? What about cone heel slouch boots this time which are quite classic and give you a different look. The slouch boots are in knee-high or ankle-high style, and you can choose in between which suits you. Mostly, the height of the heels is 3 inches which is quite easy to carry.

How to walk in cone heels

Photograph: office.co.uk

If you are thinking that walking in cone heels wouldn’t be that difficult but on practical grounds, you need to follow certain steps so that you won’t feel any difficulty. Let’s have a look.

  • Step one:

The first step should be the first and that is to bring the right heel that properly fits you. It means that you feel comfortable wearing them which is neither too big nor too tight, or the heel size must also be an appropriate one.

  • Step two:

 Instead of wearing cone heels on your special occasion especially when you are trying them on for the very time, it’s necessary to break them in first around your home so that you won’t feel uncomfortable at your dressy party. And you get used to them as well.

  • Step three:

As compared to flats it is slightly tricky to walk in heels. So, it is recommended that while wearing cone heels you should walk a little bit slower so that you can easily stable yourself. Feel as if there is no need to rush and take small steps.

When to wear cone heels

Photograph: lamodebd.com

The quality of cone heels is that you can wear them on various occasions and have a classic look. For example, you would look chic while wearing them on a night out or you can have a formal look while wearing them in an office. There are different sizes in heels and in every style they look classic and comfortable at the same time.


To sum up, cone heels give you a dramatic look and you can represent yourself differently. There are various styles and sizes in them that inspire you a lot and you can walk confidently every time you are wearing them.

Cover photograph: charleskeith.com


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