Does Wearing High Heels Increase the Hip Size?


Do you want to enhance the curves in your body? Then, wear fancy attire but you can’t turn the heads unless you properly swing your feet. What about the high heels ladies? Yes, that’s true! When you wear high heels then you would feel that there is a complete change in your gait. Your whole body would get involved in making you feel confident you tuck your shoulders back and you feel that your hips look more attractive. So, wearing high heels will increase the hip size, providing a slight curve in your lower back and pushing your hips outward, which looks quite perky.

How do high heels increase your hip size?

When you wear heels, especially high heels, may feel extra pressure on the backbone. Thus, women tend to take shorter strides, and eventually, the hips will grow bigger. The legs will look quite lengthy and much thinner while wearing high heels and there is more emphasis on hips and it will look quite attractive in heels. But you must know how to carry high heels otherwise, you will suffer serious backbone issues.

Do high heels increase hip size?

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Well, when it comes to increasing the hip size women get curious that whether high heels give you significant results. High heels play an important role in increasing the hip size but you have to wear high heels on a regular basis. And you need to follow the proper guideline to walk in high heels so that you get the desired results because poor posture will give you the opposite results.

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Shoes to wear to get more hip size?

Are you confused about which shoes to wear for increasing hip size then you need to know that not all types of heels would give you the desired results. For example, the wedges are considered as high in height but you walk differently while wearing them. So, there are specific heels that give you the best results within weeks such as wearing high heels will increase your hip size. Let’s look at which are the heels that will help you get the bigger hip size.

The stiletto is famous for its delicate style and its extra-slim heel is quite attractive. This type of heel is considered one of the best heels in the shoe department. The heel tends to be 3 to 4 inches high and gives your feet a nice curve. You can wear this type of heel on a dressy occasion or go out in the town, but you must know how to walk in it.

Platform heel is quite classy which not only increases few inches to your height but also gives you a fancy look. An additional plateau in the front of your shoe will give the allusion to slim and slender legs. Thus, the height of the heel provides you to enhance your curves perfectly.

Do you want to feel as if touching the sky? Then, try very high heels which reach up to eight inches and give you a classy look every time you wear them. Usually, these are equipped with a platform in front of your sloe so that your foot should not get overstretched. You would feel quite different in your gait while wearing very high heels.

How to walk?


Now, you have got the idea that the high heels will make your hips bigger but you must know quite well how to walk in them. For example, taking short steps will give you the desired results. In this regard, you will see the difference within a few weeks if you are using high heels on a regular basis.

Attraction from other people when you increase the hip size?

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Once you increase your hip size by wearing high heels too often, it’s time to buy fancy outfits that may turn the heads around. So, to catch the attention of others all you need is to get the right outfits. What about skinny jeans, pencil skirts, waist-cinching silhouettes, or body-con dresses? All these dresses would properly enhance your hips and you look quite attractive on dressy occasions.

How do high heels affect other body parts?

Well, you must be quite excited that wearing high heels will increase your hips size and you went crazy about wearing them on a daily basis. But you should know that there are some serious issues related to health as well which are quite dangerous. So, before using high heels regularly, you should know the side effects of them so that you must be cautious of using them on a daily basis.

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  • Damage your feet

As for heels especially the high ones don’t allow your feet to function properly and as a result, you may have joint diseases such as bunions, ingrown toenails or neuroma, etc.

  • Knee joint problem

 When you wear high heels then all the weight shifts toward the ball of your foot, thus your knee has to move forward to keep the balance. Therefore, you have to put extra stress on your knees and you may face major knee joint problems.

  • Lower back issues

High heels will put immense pressure on the lower back as you have to lean back to balance your weight. It is quite dangerous though as you are not in a straight position and over time you may face back spasms, chronic back soreness or arthritis, etc.

  • Soreness in calves

You may feel pain in your calves if you wear high heels too often. The protruding veins will cause a lot of pain when you walk and they are quite dangerous when there is no proper blood flow.

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After seeing the above facts, nobody recommends you wear high heels daily or for longer times. If you want high heels for any reason, try to get them in comfortable, rounder shapes that fit best on your feet.

Hip size without high heels and with high heels

Moreover, it is also advisable to get short heels instead of pointed heels. Also, try to get wider heels that reduce the risk of fractures or slips.

To sum up, wearing high heels will increase your hip size and you will look quite appealing in any attire you are wearing. There are numerous styles and designs in high heels and you can choose in between which suits you. Don’t forget the health issues you may face because of high heels so you shouldn’t get crazy and ignore the pains and problems you are having.

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