Everything You Need to Know About Extreme High Heels


Do you want to rock the party or turn some eyes towards you when you go outside? Then, try out something unique and make you look chic. What about trying something fancy in your shoe selection this time. Yes, ladies! That’s correct if you have spring in your steps then you get noticed especially when you wear extremely high heels. These types of heels are trendy in this year 2021 and you may find many famous celebs wearing them on almost every occasion. There are lots of new styles and designs in extremely high heels which are quite fascinating and you would love to try one of them. But if you haven’t tried extreme high heels before then keep reading this article and buy the one which suits you.

What are extreme high heels?

Extreme High Heels
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Instead of referring extreme high heels shoes to only one category that they’re difficult to carry. It is quite important to get to know what extreme high heels are in fact and how can you have a dramatic look by wearing them. The shoe designers have tried something out of the box and introduced various flairs and styles in extreme shoes high heels which are not only comfortable but also intricately structured. Let’s have a look in a detailed way what extreme high heels are:

  • The form of the heel:

Various shapes come in extremely high heels such as stilettos, wedges, and fetish. Stilettos and fetish are having slim heels whereas wedges are having a thick type of heel.

  • The tallness of the heel

Usually, the height of the extreme high heels comes in 6 inches which goes to double digits as well. No matter the height increases the extreme high heels give you more stability and comfort.

  • Variety of shoes:

You can find extreme high heels in various shoe types such as; boots, platforms, knee-high boots, ankle booties or sandals, etc. You can choose the one which suits you and have a confident walk.

  • Balance your weight:

No matter the height of the heel increases you can balance your weight quite easily. In the beginning, you may find it difficult to adapt yourself but with practice, you can comfortably wear them all day long.

  • Ideal for various occasions:

If you are thinking that you wouldn’t be able to wear extremely high heels on most occasions then you need to think again. With various designs and styles, you can wear them either on a night out or on a date, etc.

Types of extreme high heels

You might be inquisitive about what the types of extreme high heels are. Then, have a look at some of the top of them which are quite trendy this year.

1. Extreme high heel stilettos

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Do you want to have a dramatic look on a dressy occasion? Then, try out extreme high heel stilettos this time which are quite resplendent and give your legs a slim and lengthy look. The slim high heels are designed in a sleeker way which is so delicate and exquisite. These days you can find them in more than 20 inches and accentuate your overall look.

2.  Extreme high heel platforms

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Want to have something which works for you around the day that not only compliments your look but also gives you comfort to your feet as well. Then, go for platform extreme high heel platform shoes which provide comfort to the ball of your foot and you can easily walk in them all day long. The height of the platform is 5.5 cm which adds height to your sole thus you can have a comfortable walk.

3. Extreme high heel boots

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Various shoes come in extremely high heels. Try out ankle boots, thigh-high boots, hoof boots and platform boots, etc. You can have a classic look by wearing any extreme high heel boots around the year. Pair them with jeans or with a skirt, you can have a nice look and your legs would look leaner and longer.

4. Extreme high heels wedges

Photograph: instagram.com/angelina.rivjera

Do you need to look stylish and feel comfy at the same time? Then, what would be better than extreme high heel wedge shoes which properly distribute your weight? The height of the extreme high heel is 10 inches or more and the platform is around 6 inches. The material of the wedge is quite lightweight and no matter the height increases you can wear them every time.

5. Extreme high heels fetish

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Whoever doesn’t like a delicate and modernize look especially on a dressy occasion? Then, nothing is better than extreme fetish high heels which not only give you a sleek and slender look but also add confidence in your walk. The heel comes in 15 cm or more which usually can be found in pumps boots, platforms or sandals, etc. The heel looks like a pencil which is quite fabulous.

How to walk in extreme high heels

How to walk in extreme high heels
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Well, you might have got quite fascinated by the extreme high heels but when it comes to walking in them you would feel quite challenging. To make this task easy here are few steps you should follow.

  • Step one

When you wear extremely high heels adjusting yourself is not easy. So, instead of taking big steps, you should take baby steps. In this way, you wouldn’t fall or feel any pain in your feet.

  • Step two

Instead of putting the ball of your foot first on the floor, you should put your heel first on the ground. It will help you to have a balanced walk even for a longer period.

  • Step three

Before wearing extremely high heels on a dressy occasion you should try them first at home so that you may not face any embarrassing situation by falling off.

When to wear extreme high heel

Extreme high heels
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You may feel that not on every occasion you can wear extremely high heels. Well, this is somewhat true because carrying them all time is not easy for everyone. You can look classy with charming high heels extreme on a night out or you need some special entry such as on a date etc. Though you can wear wedges everywhere quite easily without getting tired.


To conclude, extremely high heels give you a tremendous look and you can have a classic way to represent yourself by having a confident walk. With various styles and flairs, you can wear them anywhere whether it is the 9 to 5 or on some dressy occasions.

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