How to Choose Heels for Comfort


The word beauty almost synonymously appears to go together with the word pain. While it may be true to some extent, looking beautiful doesn’t have to be, well, that painful. It’s certainly harder to pull off sexy or beautiful when, in attempting to perform the simple, daily act of walking, you are teetering all over the place, or exhibiting expressions of annoyance or pain. High heels can certainly hurt, but there are five areas I consider when it comes to purchasing these shoes. Let’s find out how to choose Heels for comfort before going shopping for new heels.

Let’s start with the base


Spikier might be sexier, but I still prefer at least a level of bearable comfort. A wider, flatter heel base is better. This way, when walking, I can maintain a more confident kind of stability. There is no point in looking beautiful if I am teetering all over the place. Wider, flatter heels are also not as likely to snag on the smallest crack or bump as those made of thinner and finer points.

Pick a suitable heel height


If you are already tall, consider going for lower heels. Taller isn’t always better, especially if it’s too tall. You may just end up appearing awkward. If you are taller than would appear natural due to your heels, you would probably end up feeling awkward anyway. If you are shorter, taller heels would be better of course, but again, be reasonable and keep away from unnatural extremes.

Right shoe size


One thing I might be able to stand in is the way the backs of high heels flip, flop, and flap against my heels as I walk. However, I find it rather annoying (as well as the annoyingly loud clacking sounds that tend to follow suit and can sometimes be disruptive or attract unwanted attention). I prefer the feel of a shoe being solidly attached to my foot, especially the high-heel version. With some kind of support, such as a full-back or a strap, I feel a little safer and am less likely to worry whether or not the shoe will stay on. It also minimizes those annoying loud clunking sounds while I walk.

Women’s shoe size chart

Heel arch matters


Shoes with higher ends will contribute to greater arch angles for your foot. Pay attention to the arch. Consider how badly a distorted position you would want your bone structure to be for the periods you intend to wear those heels.

Take care of your toes


Chances are, the higher the heel, the further and deeper down your toes will be pushed. This is neither good for your toes nor your sense of comfort. Make sure the toe ends are wide enough to accommodate your pressured toes, or if it is an open toe, make sure the material composing that area will not be cutting into your skin or rubbing and chafing.


A high heel may look glamorous, but the material it’s made out of doesn’t always follow suit. If you are going to be walking around in this beautiful pair of shoes for long periods, make sure the material isn’t too rough, cutting, or rash-causing. Durability is also important as if something were to suddenly ‘give out’ while you were walking, injuries could result. Beauty is also intelligence. Think before you buy.


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