How To Keep High Heels from Sinking in The Grass?


Walking on the grass with high heels is not an easy task. Grasslands have soft surfaces, and your pointed heels will easily get into them, leading you to fall and ruin your event.

Keep in mind that every shoe is not suitable for walking on the grass. High heels are not recommended to wear while enjoying the weather on your lawn. You can wear many other flat shoes to wear on the grass. Moreover, there is a trend of block heels that are less risky for wearing on grass surfaces. But the high heels can quickly sink into the grass and may destroy it.

Women like to take pictures on beautiful lawns, but you can walk on wet, grassy surfaces. It will be challenging for every woman. So you need to take precautionary steps while stepping on the grass, especially when you are a bride or bridesmaid. Moreover, there are plaguing weddings, outdoor events, and parties due to pandemic situations, but what about the women who will wear high heels. It is not like the nightmare to wear the high heel shoes on grass as it sinks inside the ground and may make you fall.

So here we are going to share the best solution that you can do to walk on the grass and don’t have a fear of sinking in front of others.

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Use high heel caps


High heeler caps are the best solution according to your situation to attend a wedding in high heels. High heel caps are the soulmate for each other. They are an ideal and essential product to walk confidently in the grass without the fear of sinking. It will make the impossible thing possible for the women to stand tall in formal functions arranged in pretty lawns.

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High heel caps are flexible, easy to remove, and discrete that come in various sizes to fit in different high heel dimensions. It will increase the surface area of the heel and don’t let it sink into soft surfaces. Keep in mind that your weight presses down the tip to sink quickly in the grass when you walk in high heels, but the heel cap will not allow it due to increased diameter.

Moreover, it also prevents the high heels from getting damaged.

Wear chunky heels

There is a new trend of chunky heels that don’t sink in the grass. So if you are going to attend a function and know that their arrangement is on the lawn, then get a block high heels. Chunky heels have a large diameter that doesn’t require any other tool to walk on the grass. So you can comfortably walk on the grass by wearing it without fear of sinking in the grass and a way to be in the latest fashion.

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