How To Make Heels More Comfortable?


Heeled shoes are the ones that most stylize the figure. But they are also the ones that make us suffer the most! Therefore, in this article, we will tell you some tips to make heels more comfortable.

The relationship we have with heels is one of love-hate: we love them, but at the same time, they hurt us. We look gorgeous when we wear them, but we feel immense relief when we take them off. It seems that the phrase “to show off, you have to suffer” is perfectly fulfilled when it comes to wearing heels.

Every woman has ever wondered how to make heels more comfortable. Well, we have 8 practical tips that you are sure to love knowing.

Choose the perfect heel height


The higher the heel, the more unnatural is the posture of the plantar arch. This exaggerated position is the one that causes pain, so the key is to choose a lower heel. Specifically, experts say that the most comfortable heels are those that measure 3 centimeters. That is the ideal height. From 5 centimeters the discomfort will be more noticeable, and from 7 centimeters upwards, they will be insured.

Keep your feet hydrated to avoid chafing


One of the main problems with wearing heels is that they often cause chafing. Being a shoe that is usually worn without socks, the continued friction between the shoe and the skin causes the dreaded blisters. One of the best tips to avoid them is to properly hydrate your feet. But it is not worth doing it only the day you are going to wear the heels: it is convenient to hydrate them regularly to have them in the best conditions. Remember that hydrated skin is much more resistant to chafing and suffers less from friction, as well as looking more beautiful and cared for.

Use pads


When you wear heels, the front of your feet bears most of the weight. This area is compressing and soon begins to show signs of pain. Do you want to reduce this sensation to make the heels more comfortable?

A very useful solution is to use specially designed pads to place on the sole of the feet, just where the toes end. With them, you will feel that the pressure is relieved immediately. Let’s see, these pads will not work miracles either, but they will help you wear the heels for longer and with more comfort.

The classic plaster trick


Another trick that has become very popular to make heels more comfortable is the adhesive tape trick.

It involves holding the third and fourth fingers (starting with the big toe) with a tape. Experts have confirmed its usefulness, appealing to a nerve between those fingers, which when it receives a lot of pressure causes pain. By tying those fingers with tape, the tension is lowered considerably. 

Don’t forget the wedges and platforms


Many times, when we think of high heels, we only see those stilettos. Yes, they are very elegant and stylish like no other, but they are also the most painful and unstable.

If you want to go in heels yet feel comfortable, take advantage now that the wedges and platforms have become so fashionable. You can rise to 9 centimeters from the ground, but walk as comfortably as if you were wearing only 4 or 5 centimeters. The same occurs with wedges, giving you greater stability and not forcing the plantar arch as much.

Don’t stand too long


When you’re wearing heels, the only thing you can do to be totally comfortable is sit down . Therefore, try to combine the time you spend sitting with the time you are standing or walking. If you are standing, holding the same posture for a long time will make the pressure greater. To be more comfortable in your heels, shift your weight from one foot to the other. And remember, take the slightest opportunity to sit down, your feet will thank you!

Choose models that support the ankle

Photograph: Castorly Stock from Pexels

Another disadvantage of heels is that they often make you feel unstable. In addition, depending on the model you choose, you have to do some force with your foot so that the shoe does not come off. If that worries you, opt for shoes that support the ankle. You will notice the difference, since shoes with a bracelet are one of the most comfortable heels.

Buy quality shoes

Photograph by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Although high heels always hurt, there is a big difference when you wear quality heels . If the material they are made is good, it will adapt much better to your foot and save you chafing and discomfort.

In addition, quality brands are concerned with aesthetics and tend to design more comfortable and stable models of heels. So now you know, do it for your health, for being able to endure until the end and also, why not, for the style that you will wear with quality high-heeled shoes.

Cover Photo by Benjamin Wedemeyer on Unsplash


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