How to walk in high heels quietly?


Surely you have ever wanted to walk somewhere without being heard out of fear so that they do not find out about your arrival for a surprise or other reasons. Walking quietly is an art that takes time to master, but we will show you how to walk without making noise with a series of tips in this article.

Look where you walk

  • If you want to know how to walk without making noise, it is important that you watch where you walk, since if you go over gravel or leaves, it is much more difficult to do it silently than if you walk over dirt, sand, or grass. If you want to walk silently, you should start by evaluating the terrain and determining which path allows you to walk more silently, taking into account:
  • If you walk in the woods or outdoors, walk on grass or dirt, and if you have to step on leaves, do it on the wet ones instead of the dry ones that make much more noise.
  • When walking outdoors, look for roots or rocks that make a lot less noise than leaves.
  • Try to avoid wooden paths, areas with gravel, and other similar materials that tend to make noise.
  • When you walk indoors, try to walk over the rugs.

Use high heel caps


Most of the stiletto heels come with metal bits in the heel. These metal bits help to add durability and stability to the heel. However, these metal parts in the heel make high heels much noisier.

You can use high-heel caps to reduce the noise when you walk on such high heels.

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Walk slightly crouched

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Try to walk slightly crouched and using all your muscles while moving, as this will lighten the amount of force that touches the ground each time you make contact with it, allowing you to move more stealthily.

Walk from the balls of your feet to the heel


When walking so as not to make noise, you must first place the heel of the foot on the ground and move the foot slowly and smoothly towards the toes. As you move forward, rotate your hips to control your steps better and if possible, walk on the outer edge of your high heels

Keep your arms closed

Avoid using your arms or hands to balance yourself on walls or other surfaces, as this increases the risk that you could accidentally knock over any object.

Wear the appropriate footwear

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Beyond the technique that you must refine with use, the footwear you use is essential, trying to be soft shoes, since the harder they are, the more noise they will produce. Avoid boots with a hard sole, high heels.

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Wear thin and tight clothing

Beyond footwear, you should also try to wear tight-fitting clothing, as loose pants, for example, can rub against your legs as you walk, making you less quiet. In addition, wearing very soft clothing with cotton fabrics will also help reduce the noise generated to a minimum.

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