Signs that Heels are Not for You


Every time you see them in the showcase, you fall in love, and when you see someone else wearing them, you can’t stand the temptation “You invest” in that pair with a platform and inlays, but after two days of putting them on, you remember why you have so many intact and stored in your closet. and it is that, simply, the heels are not for you.

If this has happened to you over and over again, it may be time to come to terms with reality and look for more options. I know that it is difficult to accept it because it is supposedly something we need as women, but it is not the case at all, and if you feel identified with one or more of the following signs, it is that heels are not your thing and it does not happen! nothing!

You don’t like looking tall


It may happen that you fall in love with the design of the shoe, the texture and that curved shape it has; Once you put them on, your feet look divine, but standing up makes you uncomfortable with the added height.

Your feet hurt


If wearing certain tennis shoes or sandals is sometimes annoying, not to mention the heels, which transform that discomfort to intense pain.

If you end up with swollen and blistered feet no matter how hard you try to put on your high shoes, better leave them.

Your back or hip hurts

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They say that beauty has its price, but we must consider what it is that we are willing to pay.

When wearing heels, the body adjusts its posture while seeking balance, the back arches and the waist is pushed forward, totally changing the center of gravity, and although there are women who do not seem to be affected by this, there are also those who have the new posture is not good for them.

If you can’t bear the pain in your hips and back after wearing your high heel shoes, you know why.

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You can’t walk!

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – APRIL 11: A model showcases designs on the runway at the Innovators show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia Spring/Summer 2013/14 at Carriageworks on April 11, 2013 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Jennifer Polixenni Brankin/WireImage)

Let’s accept it, we all want to look like a runway model with our 10 cm shoes, but the reality is that you have to control your balance, posture, and step very well to achieve this.

If you just don’t feel comfortable walking in high-heeled shoes, or you walk slowly and awkwardly, then heels are not the ideal footwear for you.

You don’t have the best conditions

Pregnant mid adult business woman sitting at desk in the office trying to reach her swollen feet in high heels, removing shoes. Photograph:

Even if you are a lover of heels and supports very well, if you work standing up all the time, have children in your arms, walk a lot or move in an earthy area, these shoes may not be the most suitable.

If you have felt identified with several of these signs, it is best to readapt your ideas about heels, but do not worry, fortunately there are many equally flirty or elegant footwear options without jeopardizing your health or appearance.


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