What Do High Heels Say About Women?


Do you know our dressing represents different aspects of us? Psychology says that you can test the personality of every person by looking at their way of dressing. Similarly, women who are wearing high heels represent some facts.

It is not the trend of the modern era. Ancient people judge the other person by their dressing style and code. You can access any personality and status in society by looking at dressing, including clothes, shoes, and many more. But keep in mind that you cannot be judgmental regarding the status of every person due to their way of appearance in society.

Women have a habit of judging others based on their dress and all other accessories, including shoes. According to researchers, men are less judgmental regarding dresses and shoes as compared to women.

So here, we will discuss what high heels say about women.

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Ancient times

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Women wearing high heels represent that they have power, wealth, and higher status in society. So the women who are wearing high heels are worthy and have a special status in a society like they have the power of business and many more. However, as time passes, high heels are included in women’s fashion style, so it is no longer a sign of power and wealth.

Modern era

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Now it is the 21st century in which the meaning of high heels changes entirely. Now high heels come into cultural thoughts and views. Now fashion magazines lead the cultural thoughts regarding fashion and dresses.

Some research says that high heels are a sign of sex-specific aspect of female gait or increase the femininity in society.

Moreover, heels are a sign of fashionable women with some formal and casual dress codes. Women wear it to increase their attractiveness and fashion representation with fancy bottoms, jeans, and many more.

Finally, the time comes when high heels are associated with the business or working women. Now it is the norm of many office dress codes. According to some research, high heels need to be part of workplace uniforms and operate in complex rules. Some offices include it as a critical aspect of their female workers to quickly differentiate them from all other members.

The 21st century reveals the broad spectrum regarding the benefits and health consequences of high heels. Some studies also show different aspects of women regarding their personality traits as they use specific colors, sizes, and styles in high heels.


So, by summing up the above discussion, high heels are an important sign in every era. But now we live in the 21st century where women wearing high heels are fashionable and modern. Moreover, women wearing high heels may be businesswomen or doing the job at a reputable place.

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