Would You Let Your Kids Wear High Heels?


The trend of girls wearing heels is quite popular these days. Little girls want to be like their older sisters or mothers by demanding a pair of heels. It sounds foolish and funny at the same time, but this happens almost in every house. If you have a younger sister or daughter, you must know what I am talking about. They are incredibly persistent when it comes to the things they desire for. They devote all of their efforts to achieving that one goal.

At the same time, many parents are highly concerned about their children’s health. They are not sure whether their kids wear heels or not. They are not sure if it is the right time for their kids to wear heels or not. Kids, especially girls, see their mothers wearing heels and want to copy them.

But the only reason the parents stop kids from wearing heels is they are worried about their physical development. They’re not sure if wearing heels are safe for children. So let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of wearing heels at a young age.

When should children begin to wear high heels?

Every parent is concerned about their children’s physical development as they get older. But, at the same time, when kids are growing, they want to follow every single trend because they find it incredible. They don’t look at their advantages or disadvantages.

For the parents, it is pretty tough to allow their kids to follow trends. Some parents are worried about their kids’ growth, and they don’t let their kids wear heels. They are correct in this case because wearing heels has adverse side effects on kids’ musculoskeletal health. Your kids are under-forming and developing from the age of 3 to 12 years old. If you allow your kid to wear heels for a long time during this age, that can damage their bones.

When your kids are 12 to 16 years old, they can handle high heels for a long time easily. But not so long that they damage their health, allowing them to wear heels for special occasions. Try to wear flats more than heels as they are more comfortable to walk. Kids at a young age can’t wear heels with much confidence. When they are grown old enough to walk in heels with confidence, let them choose more heels for their wardrobe.

Are high heels safe for growing girls?

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No, heels are not safe for growing girls. At a growing age, their muscles form, and wearing heels for a long time can damage their growth. But if they want to wear heels, don’t let them wear them for a long time. Just let them wear in rooms for a few minutes or some special occasion.

Don’t let them buy heels for their daily routine. It can damage their growing feet. Wearing high heels for a long time also hurts their ankle or might end with an ankle injury.

Letting your kids walk in high heels for a long time can cause many muscle problems. Sometimes high heels can cause joint pains, lower back pain, or you can sprained ankles from falling.

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