What are the Purposes of Wearing High Heels?


Do you love wearing high heels? Women have never ended their love for high heels. But some women wear high heels for authentic reasons. Many women wear to be in style and don’t get outside from fashion trends. However, some females feel pain in wearing high heels as it affects the whole body by changing the pressure while walking.

High heels are comfortable if you know how to walk in them. Some females feel discomfort by wearing high heels as they don’t have the habit of using them and don’t like wearing them.

Here we will share some basic purposes of wearing high heels, and maybe you also find a reason for yourself.

Notes from the history

High heel shoes originally come up for men who ride a horse. In the early 10th century, men wore high heels, so they remained in stirrups and didn’t fall while riding. Now boot riders also use the high heel shoes. So if we look back in history, we come to know that it is only for the riders to make them comfortable.

High heel shoes helped with the safety.

You may not believe it, but high heel shoes help to maintain balance. Again previously, male warriors used to wear high heels to feel secure in their stance while using bows or guns. Keep in mind that these balance maintaining heels are not pointed. These heels are super comfortable with block heels that provide support while using them.

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To look more “attractive”

Photograph: StyleCheer.com

High heel shoes improve women’s appearance in society. From the start of the 19th century, it involved the women’s cultural sign. Many women use it to boost their personality factors, physical appearance and reason create a heavy impact on the culture of femininity. However, beyond all these reasons, it is a common aspect in increasing the attractiveness of women walking.

To “Dress Up” any outfit

Photograph: Getty Images/Constantinis

High heel shoes include fashion and style. Mostly it is used for formal dressing or a special occasion. There is also a wide variety of high heel shoes like heightened heel, heel width, closes or open toe, and many more. So with high heels, women can elevate any of their outfits and improve the presentation of dress in get-togethers.

To make you feel a certain way

Photograph: unknown

We all know that high feels are not suitable or uncomfortable, but we still use them. Because it provides a certain feeling according to the environment, some wear high heels to get attention, but some wear to increase their height that is directly related to confidence.

So everyone has their reasons to wear the high heels that make them feel good in surrounding environments. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

Cover photo by Jill Burrow from Pexels


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