Everything You Need to Know About Clear Heels


Tired of wearing the same heels every time? It’s time to change your choice and get a better way of representing yourself. In 2023 clear heels are in fashion that gives you an entirely different look. Clear heels are having the properties of giving your legs a slim and sleek look. As they are transparent in color which can extenuate your legs and give the illusion of long legs than they are, that attracts the attention of others. These days you may find clear heels in almost every shoe aisle which are different in style and the classic designs in which you look amazing.

There are various styles in clear heels which are suitable for every occasion whether it is get together with your friends or you have to show your style at a party. All the designs are unique which gives your ordinary outfit an extra oomph. The high-quality material makes clear heels quite long-lasting and you can use them for a longer period. Let’s have a keen look at clear heels.

What are clear heels?

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In this year clear heels are gaining lots of popularity especially if you’re having a height problem. As they look amazing the transparent stripes are cleverly designed that give your feet a different look and properly extenuate your height.

Let’s look in a detailed way at what clear heels are in fact:

  • The shape of the heels:

There is various shape of heels that you may find in clear heels such as block heels, stilettos, cone heels, platform heels, etc. All the shapes are intricately designed so that you won’t feel any cramps in your feet even though you may wear them for a longer period.

  • Material of the heels:

The material used in clear heels is plastic which includes polycarbonate, PVC, and Lucite that is of high quality. You may also find flashing lights or colored liquids in clear heels that make them more attractive.

  • Types of shoes:

Clear heels look classic with different types of shoes such as; chunky block heels, wedge sandals, peep-toe shoes or pumps, etc. So, whatever you are having the mood of wearing you choose in between and look classic

  • Perfect for every occasion

As clear heels are available in different styles so they are perfect for every occasion. Whether it is the office parties or a date night you can bang yourself by wearing clear shoes.

Types of Clear Heels

To get the perfect pair of shoes, you need to know which types of clear heels are trendy in 2022. We have gathered the top 6 clear heels so that you may purchase the perfect item. Let’s have a deeper look at clear heels.

1. Clear Heels Sandals

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Do you want to wear something super-gorgeous this time in summer? Then, nothing is better than clear heels sandals as they look extremely gorgeous with every outfit. These sandals come in thin stripes or embellishments that look exquisitely beautiful. Various types of heels come in it short length or high heels and you can choose in between which suits you. With these sandals, you can have a delicate look and with any outfit, you look amazing.

2. Clear Strap Heels

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 If it’s not easy for you to carry strapless shoes. Then, try out clear strap heels that are perfectly designed to keep your feet in place no matter you are wearing them for hours. The straps are also transparent which gives you a slim look and you can expose your feet quite differently. Various types of shoes come in clear strap heels such as high boots, platform or block heels, etc. the edges of the strap will not sting your skin and you won’t feel any abrasion.

3. Clear Wedge Heels

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When it comes to comfort then nothing is better than wedge heels as they are designed to keep your feet in place. The clear wedge heels look quite amazing and as they are transparent in color you may feel as if you are walking in the sky. The transparent bottom makes it look quite different from ordinary shoes. You can choose colored sandals with clear wedge heels or clear sandals with colored wedge heels

4. Clear Block Heels

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Want to look awesome in high heels? Then, go for clear block heels as they are nice in shape and classic in design. There are various heights in clear block heels and you can choose in between which suits you. From small as 1 inch and as high as 4 inches or more these clear block heels give you an entirely different look. You wouldn’t feel difficult to walk in it whether you are wearing it for a longer period.

5. Clear High Heels

Photograph: instagram.com/brmanheels

High heels are never getting out of fashion when they’re the clear ones. When walking on clear high heels you may feel as if touching the sky. You may find various styles in clear high heels in stilettoes or platforms. You can wear any attire along with clear high heels and bang your appearance that turns the heads around.

6. Clear Platform Heels

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Do you have a height problem and are tired of wearing the same types of heels every time? Then, you should try clear platform heels that put your feet on a high scale, in a stylish way. Mostly there is a rubber sole attached to the platform so that it remains in its place. So, no matter how high the heel goes you wouldn’t find any difficulty walking on clear platform heels.

How to walk in clear heels?

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Are you afraid of wearing clear heels and find it difficult to walk in them? Then, you need to consider a few steps so that you may wear them quite easily.

  • Step one:

Try to buy smaller sizes in clear heels so that you may walk in quite easily.

  • Step Two:

The next step is to look at the edges and material of the clear heels so that you wouldn’t get any skin problems.

  • Step Three:

Practice wearing clear heels around your house so that you may get used to them.

  • Step Four:

As it is made up of plastic so there’s less breathability to your feet which may make your feet sweaty. Try to buy little bit wider shoes.

When to wear clear heels

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Are you confused about it that where you can wear clear heels? Then worry not, because clear heels are having the properties of getting suitable with any attire you are wearing. Whether it’s a date night or hanging out with friends you look gorgeous. So, instead of purchasing heels of every color why not bring clear heels of different styles and have different looks.


To conclude, we hope that you get a clear idea of clear heels and how and when you can carry them. With various styles, you look amazing every time and with different outfits, you can bang yourself and look classy.

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